This 2-Day Event Will Give You A Lifetime Of UNLIMITED Media Exposure!


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This 2-day event will teach you how to get millions of dollars in national media for FREE! Quadruple or 10x your business the day after you complete the class!

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Discover The Secret Process To A Lifetime Of Media

This Masterclass will teach you the EXACT step-by-step process Troy Dunn Created To Secure over FIVE HUNDRED National TV appearances AND THREE of his own PRIMETIME TV SHOWS!

What You Will Learn

Discover The Exact Way & Location To Harvest An Infinite Supply Of Premium Media Content

Learn The Remora Technique- a Proprietary Tool That Can Create Hundreds Of Media Appearances Every Year!

Master the little known GBA Strategy- this single technique is the most frequently used media strategy of the major TV, film and sports stars in the world!

Discover the Power Plug- THIS IS THE TOOL that converts a media appearance into MONEY!

Tier Two! This tool will convert a single 2 minute media appearance into a TEN YEAR LEAD GENERATOR!

Interview Training! There is a very specific strategy for hijacking your own media appearances and converting them into business builders! This secret process is 100% effective in converting any interview into sales, traffic and revenue!

The Who How! This section of the Masterclass will give you the #1 most effective source and strategy for reaching the major media contacts at ALL media outlets worldwide...AND ITS FREE!

Tier THREE! Here is where your new media expertise will convert your book into a best-seller, make your podcast a huge hit and get you speaking engagements around the world!

Your Own TV Series! If you are interested in starring in your own tv series, let the man who starred in THREE teach you step by step how to make that idea a reality!

The unpublished three. There are three top secret strategies that we never publish and are ONLY revealed during the private masterclass- each of them capable of driving a million dollars in revenue

What Media Will Do For You

There are thousands of coaches, experts, and authors in the world. All of them competing for the same target audience. Each of them trying to separate themselves from the pack. That's a TALL ORDER!

The options are limited. IF you have a significant amount of cash to spend (burn!) you can pour buckets of money into advertising and marketing, and pray it finds some of your target audience.

Even under the best-case scenario, this is a short-term fix and all-too-often a massive loss of money. There really isn’t another option….unless you have the systems taught. 

the lifetime of media Virtual Masterclass is for you if...

You desire to change the world but need the world to know you exist!

You know your business could be so much more successful if you just had more clients

You need that next level credibility that being a recognized expert in the media has.

You want to get this powerful media generation system FAST rather than slowly over time.

You don’t have the time to travel to one of Troy’s private, in-person Mastermind Retreats, and pay four times as much.

If Any Of These Points Resonate With You Then...

... The Lifetime of Media Virtual Masterclass Is The Solution You Need!

Meet Your Instructor


Troy Dunn has been a national media personality for over 25 years, but it all began with a little entrepreneurial start-up with a friend.

One lucky invitation to appear on a national talk show changed everything for them and their new little business. That single appearance triggered over 12,000 calls into their answering service, which then became tens of thousands of dollars in immediate revenue to this start-up!

Wanting to replicate that result, Troy set out to crack the media code. It took a lot of time, trial, and error, but he finally figured out EXACTLY what he could do to generate as much national media as he needed, whenever he wanted!

Troy went on to make over 500 national TV appearances, starred in three hit primetime tv shows, and their little business suddenly wasn’t so little anymore! In fact, thanks to Troy's media system, their business had grown so successful; they were acquired by!

Troy continues to use his personal media generating system, to promote his books and speaking engagements, and most importantly, carry on his life’s work of reuniting families, including the launch of a nonprofit foundation, ALL thanks entirely to his media system.

Learn exactly how he does it AND how YOU can easily replicate his system to create as much media and marketing exposure for your brand and business as you can keep up with!


Walking the talk...

Troy Dunn’s television work spans 3 decades and has reached over 1 billion viewers worldwide! In addition to his three-hit primetime tv series, Troy has also been a frequent guest on virtually every syndicated and network talk show in the United States…multiple times!


Here's What You'll Learn When You Reserve Your Ticket Today:

  • How to score multiple appearances on the same shows

  • How to instantly have tons of rich content that the media is clamoring for

  • How to convert media appearances into REVENUE

  • Interview training that turns any conversation into a business builder

  • Where and how to find the best media contacts for free

  • The secret to podcast success

  • How to make your book a rapid best seller

  • How to land your own reality tv show

  • How to move from tv guest to tv producer, controlling the content of any show on tv

  • How to generate media in any city, on any tv show, anywhere in the world, for the rest of your life

Today JUST $997

Here's what will happen once you enroll in the Lifetime Of Media Masterclass:

You will receive a confirmation of your enrollment as well as instructions on when and how to attend when the class day arrives.

You will receive a Mind Prep document for you to fill out and submit prior to class, which will be reviewed and possibly discussed in some portion of the training. This ensures your class experience is targeted at your wants and needs for your specific business goals.

You will receive information about our private Facebook and how you can join it.

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